How can I recover from this and rebuild my trust again in the near future?

Mike contact two weeks ago wanting to talk because his mother had died. (Note that we haven’t talked in 2 months). I talked to him to see if he was ok. Then he asked me if I ‘can make him feel better’ in a very sexual way. Then he said he was going to come to Louisiana during his break in which I insisted that he be with his family during these times. A week later I found out that his so- call – ex – wife was in Korea with him along with his 3 children. I asked “what mother would pull their children out of school and move half way around the world?” He couldn’t answer that. We just kept arguing via Facebook message. He said “she only here for the kids” and immediately called bull shit on the whole conversation. We just kept getting into it until I wrote to him on how I really felt about him. I said something about his baby mama and got all offensive and told me it was disrespectful. He led me to believe that we were a team and turned into lies lies and more lies. Right now my trust for guys went way down. I don’t know what to do now. For five years he led me to believe that it was only us and that he was still married. After all the nudes I sent him, all that times we were having sex together. I wanted to cry because I trusted him. I don’t think I can never date anyone because he turned me into a jealous control freak. How can I rebuild my trust and recover from this so I can be extra cautious in the future.


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