Why would my ex bf avoid me?

Me and my bf o 2 1/2 years have been broken up for 2 mnths now. I saw him a week after we broke up and found out he madeout wit another girl, he said how he wanted to hang, he was playing wit my hair trying to old my hand, and wanted to kiss.. He texted a couple days later for multiple days in a row and then said he was rlly hoping we could tlk , I didn't answer till a week later but it was about rlly wanting o b friends and just tlk. I said no unless there were intentions of working things out. Ever since then he parks in a diff lot at school way out of the way where his classes are?


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  • I think you may have answered your own question - you said you weren't going to speak to him unless there were intentions of you working things out. By him avoiding you this may indicate that he has no intentions of working things out and you should go your separate ways. If this is the case then he is just messing with your head by kissing you etc. Stay Strong and don't let him string you along.


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  • I don't even know... At least he doesn't hate you and is an asshole to you like my ex boyfriend lol


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