Was I a fool to fall for a younger dude, is this fair?

i fell for a guy three years younger than me! we were together for three years and now he's dumped me because i talk to guy friends he doesn't approve of. i told him id stop talking to them but on occasion id still respond to some txts ;he saw my phone and dumped me. says he hates me. im destroyed at the moment im not sure how to deal and sometimes i wonder if i really did anything wrong by just talking to guy friends, or if he's just being silly by thinking its a problem. i want him back but i dont know how to fix this. was i a fool to fall for a younger guy who sometimes doesn't seem to understand simple concepts or is he being just? or over reacting to this? says he detests me and curses me out whenever i try to speak to him


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  • Typical. This kind of guy is the reason why women tend not to date younger guys. the problem isn't you, or the other guys, or the txts... dating an older woman kinda picks at a man.. because well.. they are older, meaning more mature, more experienced, more knowledgeable, possibly independent. So we look for ways to up our manhood a bit, for example, eliminating friends older than he is.
    Its just a sign of insecurity. Do you want that kind of man? one that thinks so little of himself that you can live your life like you want to? and pick your own friends?
    When I dated my older woman, yes, I was insecure that she will leave me for someone older but i never told her to stop talking to people she had known way before me. I believed if I acted right (mature and respectful) she will begin to treat me like she would treat someone older.
    Ditch this dude. or suffer more things later.


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  • Older guys yes.
    Sorry you hurt though and had to go through this. Really not a fun this. g to go through with a jealous partner

  • no your a fool to think your a fool ;)


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