Wtf is he doing, keeps driving past me?

My ex is driving past my house.. A couple of times I have seen him and it's making me wonder how many times he's doin this when I don't see him... There is no reason for him to drive past my house as u have to turn off the freeway which he does not have to do it to get food bears his work but he takes his lunch? When asked he gets extremely defensive... Wtf is his problem? I have told him I want nothing to do with him
  • He's checking up
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  • He's trying to see me
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  • He doesn't know
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  • option D, He is a stalker and you need to nip this in the bud real quick. He could be driving around u to protect you but that could quickly turn into him being an attacker... talk with him and reinforce that he is an EX... or worst case get a restraining order. The choice is yours.


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