He suddenly said we should "just be friends" so I cut off all contact, and regret it?

It was Friday night and he texted me saying that he wanted to come over. But that Wednesday he had come over and been so tired that he left pretty much as soon as he came, which was quite disappointing. So before coming on Friday, I asked him if he was tired - he said yes.
I told him he shouldn't come over then because it's just a waste of gas, and he said fine and stayed home.
The very next morning, he sent me a text saying that we should just be friends and he didn't want to say the reasons. I thought I was okay with this at first, since we weren't exactly boyfriend/girlfriend. However, I was still taken aback by the suddenness of this, and also couldn't stand the thought of him sleeping with anyone else so I sent a spur-of-the-moment text saying "I thought about it and I'm not okay with just being friends. I think we should stop communicating." And proceeded to delete all of our texts, his number, him from Facebook, etc... and that's that. Nothing since.
I know it's cruel to think "Why didn't he respond at all?" when I had said let's not talk at all... but still.

Anyway, I'm wondering why in just a 12hour period he would go from wanting to come over to wanting to be "just friends"? Is this normal?
And also, did I overreact? Would it be wrong to text him again saying that I overreacted and I'm fine with just being friends? Or would it come off as needy?

Hanging out with him was definitely fun, it only got complicated when sex came into play.

I'm confused as to what to do and why this happened. Any responses are much appreciated.

P. S. I did find his number again... lol.
I just noticed that "he left pretty much as soon as he came" looks like we did sexual stuff and then he just left haha. I meant that he entered my place and we hung out for maybe 30min before he said he had to go, or he would be too tired to drive.
I texted him apologizing and asking if he still wanted to be just friends. :) He said it was cool and now everything is fine. It definitely helped me to get over him.


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  • Whats wrong with him just wanting to be friends? Coming over to your place doesn't automatically mean he was coming for sex. Maybe he just wanted to hang out with you... as friends. Cutting off all contact like that isn't very kind either. If you don't want to be friends with him, you don't have to, but it sounds like you still have feelings for him. Be his friend for now, and maybe he'll change his mind. Or at the very least, it will help you get over him.

    There is nothing wrong with apologizing to him for how you reacted. It wouldn't come across as needy or anything like that.

    • Well a few weeks prior he made a huge deal about me sleeping with other guys and told me he thought of me more than a friend. Then a week prior he had another emotional moment telling me that it really bothers him that I'm 18 (he's 5 years older) and also that he doesn't like to kiss me. The day after that I kind of assumed we weren't going to be anything more than friends at that point and texted him asking why he didn't like kissing me. He called me and apologized and said he really regretted saying everything and that he actually doesn't mind kissing me at all and he just lies a lot and doesn't understand why? Ugh. I don't know.

    • But perhaps I will apologize for my abruptness? I can see how I was also being confusing in our "more than friends" thing...

    • Best of luck to you

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  • This relationship seems complicated before it's even begun.

    I personally wouldn't text him.


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