Ex acting like we don't know each other?

Ok so me and my ex broke up about 3 years ago as he was going to uni, he got a girlfriend and hurt by this I blocked him on everything and deleted him out of my life as I didn't think it was far on his girlfriend that he was still talking to me. he has now finished uni and works behind a pharmacy counter... I went up to him having now although I still like him I've moved on, I asked him for a few items from behind the counter and was going to ask him how he was etc being friendly. .. but I got nothing but a cold death stare and spoken to in a tone that was rude... I was getting the feeling that he did not want to talk to me and he was acting like we had never known each other. This hurt because I have never done anything to him xx
I deleted him out of my life so that I could get over him... but this is years later now... surely he could be polite enough to serve me like I am just a customer


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  • Dont fool yourself into thinking you didn't do anything to him hon... relationships take two and two people do things to each other. His actions on the other hand are inexcusable, not to mention completely unprofessional. Don't let it bother you, it was three years ago. I am surprised you don't have someone else.

  • I'd probably do the same thing.

    Some people can remain friends, some have to scrub their exes from their lives. I don't see a problem with what he did considering you "deleted him out of your life" years ago.


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