Why didn't he touch me ever? Commitment phobe?

So dated this guy for 6 months. There was quite an age difference. 11 years. Took me a while to figure it out but he seemed very broken. He seemed to go out a lot and drink a lot. He never rlly took me out to a nice dinner until the night he dumped me. He even made a joke one one he was like pretending to be me and said "why doesn't this guy ever take me some place fancy" . I felt the whole time that I could never know him on a deep level. He did tell me about his fam and stuff but just felt like didn't know know him. He would always ask me for back rubs and always have an excuse not to give me one. Like he didn't want to get close to me or be super affectionate. He never touched me in the bedroom , it was me doing all the work. Sounds prob like he was a dick but he was deep down a nice guy. He said age diff is what ended and I admit we had a hard time conversing but just don't like to think it was me.:and I hate to say there wasn't chemistry. based off of what I've said would u say he's a commitment phobe? Bc I've read that CPs usually are very loving in beginning and pull away but I felt the whole time that he was hard to get to know. Maybe was age but felt it was more commitment issues. He's 34 never married. Brought up a girl he dated that he moved half way across the country from bc he"got tired of chasing her " but she was the one girl he would've married. We had a lot of fun together though and was sad he said we couldn't stay friends bc he doesn't do that and that he meets people bc he's moved so much in life and remembers good times and moves on and that's what I need to do. Said he enjoyed being w me and rlly does care about me and has all positive things to say but we are at diff times in life And I just told him that he won't get close to anyone and he said well maybe that's why I'm 34 and still single.. Thoughts? u think he tried to not get close to me? Seems very broken.. :(


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  • He seems to be more troubled by depression than commitment. But if he had to break up, its better that he didn't take advantage of you.


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