Breaking Up with the Guy I shouldn't break up with?

I sort of broke up with my best friend two months ago... I sent him a letter saying that if he wanted me only for sex we should wipe the slate clean and start to forget about each other. I still think about him every day and somedays I have to fight back every urge to text him and ask how he's doing... Part of me wonders if he wants me the way I want him... The other part of me says that I shouldn't talk to him first since I need to know if he's going to actually forget about me.

I did all of this to try to keep myself from getting hurt but instead I just got hurt even more...


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  • If he didn't want to do what you suggested, he was just using you.

    You will get hurt more before it gets better. It's part of the journey with finding the right person to have the ideal relationship. It gets easier with each candidate. If he can't be bothered to even give you a response, delete his number, his email, his Facebook and just move on to the next person.

    Don't waste your energy on people who can't even take the time to tell you the truth.


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