I have a friend guy that i met that is going through a divorce, i like him but i don't wanna be the rebound girl. do i remain his friend still?

He recently got separated from his wife whom cheated on him numerous of times, She has moved on with another guy but I feel like he has not let her go. They hv a kid together. But he say he like me. He want to get to know me. We've been intimate once. I told him I could be his friend but nothing else right now. I don't know what to do. IM IN NEED OF PLENTY ADVICE.


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  • If you become anything more than a friend in the next 18 months, you'll simply be his whore friend crutch, willingly helping him out of his depression, getting sexually even, feeling gender equal again, etc. all about him. Then he'll be stable enough to find a real life partner substitute - not you, b/c you'll say some things cruel after being treated this way on that one way street.


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