Do girls still have feelings for their past boyfriend if they stay in contact with them while they are dating another? Check out the circumstances!?

I wrote a story in a previous post, but I realize I won't be able to get my story across through written words.

In a long relationship (two years) where nothing went wrong that was unforgivable, why would a girl stay in touch? She became very, and may I add rightly so, very jealous. I became very close to another girl at the end when we were not dating anymore but still seeing one another and becoming more distant. Now she has had a new boyfriend for a few months. She still texts me with a joke or comment every few days or so. She had made it VERY CLEAR she only wants to be friends, and I have made it very clear I want more.

I can't fathom why someone would just want to be friends like that. She isn't the type to intentionally hurt me either. That I'm sure of.

So... The question: Does a girl still have feelings for her past boyfriend at some level if she stays in contact while in another relationship?
  • Absolutely: No girl would risk staying in touch with a serious ex if it could potentially hurt their current relationship.
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  • Yes on some level she still has feelings if taking that risk.
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  • No: She might really just want to be friends, despite her current relationship.
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  • I don't know. Too difficult to say.
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  • Of course. Damn people that says ex is an ex for a reason. I hate it. Each girl is diff. But in my opinion I think girls will still have feelings for past boyfriends. Maybe not to the point she would date you again but just care about you and your being. It's hard to say. Just depends on the circumstances. Maybe she's over you and there's no click but doesn't want to remove you out of her life. I would want to stay friends with an ex but guys don't like that or think they can be friends. Girls just like have someone close. Also you guys did date for two years. You have gotten to know each other. Both of you knows each other's weakness and strength. She's not going to just get rid of your connection (which she views as friendship). Seems like she's over you. Sorry.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Regardless of anything you wrote, it isn't a good idea to stay friends with an Ex... They're an Ex for a reason and looking backwards will prevent you from looking ahead to better thing.


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  • I know girls like that. They are selfish. I think she still cares for you, but most of all likes the feeling you still care about her and that you're a sort of plan B for her. Break the contact until you've moved on at least and stop hoping. Hope is the worst, Because if she loved you, she'd choose you. You deserve better.

  • I have wanted to be friends with my past boyfriends. It's not because I like them but it's because I liked our friendship from before we were dating. I don't want to lose that.

    • Fair enough. I can believe that. We had no friendship before dating though. We started getting to know each other with a date.

    • Well, if that's the case then you still had a friendship within a relationship and she probably misses talking to you.

  • I think she's just keeping you in her back pocket. Which is why most people stay 'friends' with their exes. It's kind of like a back up plan.

    • Thanks for the response. See I think that at times, but I don't know what to think about any of it. But do you really think it's a plan B thing? How should I treat the situation then? Ignore her? Stay distant?

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