Is it wrong to just cut off all communication with someone and bever speak to them again?

My ex is trying to get me back but I'm with someone else right now. Should I just block him and never talk to him again or tell him I can't make this decision and I have moved on? Please help me!
  • Just cut off all communication with your ex.
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  • Tell your ex that you have moved on.
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  • I did that with my ex too, just because I couldn't get over her. it is the easiest way for him to get over you and even thought it might not be his choice and it will hurt him in the beginning.. for the long term it's best for him, he might not like you afterwards for cutting communication, but at least you'll know you did what is best for you and for him.


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What Guys Said 3

  • It's not wrong at all. I cut off communication with my ex about a year and half ago. She actually broke up with me though, but its helpful either way.

  • Just ignore him unless you wanna talk with him.

    • Thats a hard decision haha

  • Beaver speak?


What Girls Said 2

  • Is there anything you want to say to him? If so... talk to him and tell him how you feel. If you are completely over him and happy with your new bf you wouldn't be wondering whether or not you should just cut contact with him.

    • Well no I just think its messed up to stop talking to someone randomly and then have them wondering for months why I'm ignoring them...

    • If it were me on the other end (in fact I have been there) cutting contact really hurts because you do feel completely ignored and forgotten. if you think by reaching out to him you can give him some closure, it may be best for both of you.

  • Do whatever makes you feel comfortable if you want to stay in contact with him its up to you. My ex broke up with me and after that I cut off all communication with him we don't say a single word to each other. Yeah I know its harsh and not the best way to solve things but what's the point of being friends with them are keeping them in your life when you have already moved on? I find it useless to stay in contact with an ex so I just move on with my live. There's no reason to stay stuck in the past once the relationship is cut off there should be no communication whatsoever. Its not wrong to do that, but if you don't want to then maybe sit down and talk to him or something. My ex and I never friends so I didn't see him and I being friends after him breaking up with me so I just packed my bags and moved on with my life. I act like mine doesn't exist and it works pretty well for me.


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