Ex doesn't seem too bothered?

Me and my girl have been on a break for nearly 3 months now its a long distance relationship been together for a year and a half, i live in england and she lives in scotland. we have still been contacting each other and we went on holiday together for 7 days 2 weeks ago. Since then I've not been able to get her out of my head and we had a good chat about things and she says she still loves me and doesn't want it to over forever. she says the only major issue is distance and i just said to her id move up there. Since trying to message her past couple days to talk she just doesn't seem as bothered about it as i am, I want to sort this out now but she says moving is a big step and she wants to make sure we are ready for it 100% and since then we haven't really spoke too much and i just get the feeling she doesn't care about it as much as me :/ probably just me overthinking but been on a break for a while now and thought we would be past this by now. Just feel like she doesn't wanna talk about it anymore as whenever i bring it up she is just one word answer or doesn't reply to me when i ask if i can come up and see her. ahhh it boggles my head lol :/ I have even tried no contact rule and got as far as 3 days before i text her again lol. question is, hard to understand whether she feels same as me or if she just doesn't care anymore, surely if she didn't want to be with me ever she would tell me and i could just move on?
thanks man, when we were on holiday things were great, we got on so good. so when i asked her about the move again she said "we were gettin on great on holiday, now were back your pushing all this on me, just give it time"

im just impatient lol...


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  • That's a tricky situation my friend. My ex and I went on a break and I ended up ending it after two months of giving each other space. In my opinion, I wouldn't take her too seriously at this point. It seems like she has withdrawn herself from you but at the same time is conflicted and doesn't want to hurt you. It sucks because in reality, you have no control here and that feeling is awful. I would just back off of her until she reaches out to you with more of a definitive answer as to what is going on with her. Don't do anything that comes off as needy or desperate, show her that life goes on without her (be an "alpha" male). Don't be available at her beckon call because that will never do you any good. I hope this makes sense and helps your situation. Best of luck to you.

    P. S. Life is sadly, a game. You either play and win or you don't and lose. There is no way around it.

    • tricky situation indeed :/ before we went on holiday we were hardly talking and it wasn't much conversation.

      Things have got better since being back but I've defintely been a bit pushy and sorta wanting answers from her. She has told me how she feels and what she wants but i just keep overthinking all the details and im scared that we will be over forever, but surely if she wanted that ahe wouldn't keep the connection with me and telling me these things.

      When i told her earlier i think we should not text each other as much because i want to re evaluate myself a bit and im understanding the mistakes I've made and want to make it work, all her reply was 'thats ok' and asked if she had any input in it, she jus said 'no different to what i've already told u'

      just proper seems like she doesn't care as much as me at all

  • it may seem like that but im sure its killing her just as much as it is killing you, she's probably just trying to put on a brave face, incase worst case scenario. if you think it can work then keep at it.


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