Should I Break up with him? (Sorry for the long post and my bad english)?

I've been in a relathinship for almost two years with a guy I always thought as the love of my life.
Back when we met, I was 16, he was very cold and distant, he was very bussy with his friends and school, playing baseball, and other activities, but I loved him so much that I stayed with him for more than a year, before leaving him when I realised we weren't going anywhere. When I told him, for my surprise, he cried lika a baby and begged me to stay togheter but I had already made my choice and left him.
After that we texted from time to time but nothing happened until a year and a half later. This time it was magical, he was always there when I asked, he was warm and tender, he epressed his feelings for me everytime he got the chance.
Ufortunately now I feel like he's becoming cold again. He wouldn't come to my family events, such as my sister's prom, lunch with my dad, and so on. I know these are not the most pleasent activities, but I feel really awful having to go alone, and telling my family that he's not coming AGAIN. He's studying a lot and can't be there everytime I ask, but I feel like he's not even trying. He won't even walk me to the bus stop...
And Honestly I'm not better than him, although I'm always there for him, no matter how dull the place we're goning to. But I never feel like going out with him anymore. I can't think of things to talk about, I feel tired when I'm around him and don't want to do anything. But I still feel like a love him and could never hurt him since I care very deeply for him.
To make it worse, a friend of my that I adore confessed a couple of months ago that he's in love with me and kissed me, I've have never felt such an intense feeling while kissing someone as I did that time, although nothing else happened. I like him too, but I could not say it. He knows everything that happened between my and my boyfriend and says I deserve to be treated better and that he wants to make my happy, and I think I want that too..
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  • This is a relationship that is being drowned by others' expectations, needs and traditional stresses, AS WELL AS being judged by these norms blindly.
    What this relationship NEEDS is much more time alone to nurture each other and grow!
    It matters not if you both have to move to a town of strangers or desert island in order to obtain this peace & ability to become a couple in full support of individual needs, in order to grow into a single unit.

    Before you knee jerk a reaction, sleep on these thoughts.


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