My ex bf found out I moved on, and went nuts on me, why? why would a guy that seem like he moved on is all upset now? and confuse me :(?

he text me here and there since we " remained" friends, he never told me how he felt till he saw a photo online of me and some guy, who I am dating now, I do still love my ex but he forced me to moved on,,, now he tells me how much he thinks about me how upset and sad he is, and how I should have fun "fkin my new bf" since I never cared for him and now I am confused.. :(

it was a mutual breakup by the way.. I try to get back many times and he never wanted me back now that I am moving on he does


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  • Cause he's territorial and a psycho
    U guys broke up for a reason
    Erase him from ur memories and move on with ur new guy, screw how he feels, its how u feel and if ure happy moving on.. Keep progressing to do so

    • thanks for the input I am just not that bad hearted to ignore when he says he is now lonely and sad.. he sure shocked me to tell me how upset he is after months of our breakup

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    • aww awesome you sound amazingly sweet and nice! thanks so much for the lovely response!!! you do the same :)

    • Aww shucks 🙈 thank u lol
      And anytime !! :)

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  • Now that you are this "EX" at the top of the tree hardest to grab, because you are way up there, hardest to grab now Being-------I am moving on... he is angry at you, having this hissy fit because he always thought you would be sitting around and waiting for him just for Anything from soup to nuts, making Him the Only Mutt in your life.
    He's a sore sport loser that doesn't want you in the same way any more, doesn't even want you back, yet like a dog, he doesn't want anyone else to have have his yummy bone and it is biting him in the butt now, coming back to bite him big time.
    He obviously hasn't "Move on" like you have. And with his problem child actions, he has most likely hasn't finished licking his war wounds and even realized an even Bigger lesson here That-------Letting sleeping dogs lie can backfire and suddenly he could find himself in the doghouse without the best damn pup he will probably ever know.
    Now that his nose is broken, someone else is on his territory, I am not so sure if you both will "Remain friends" but as the old story goes: Every dog has his day.
    Good luck. xx

    • so so true, this has taken me by surprise he never told me anything bugged him til now, he is all bent out of shape and I feel bad, he says he doesn't know how he is making it through the day now so sad and hurt he is. what am I to do :(

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    • that is what scares me.. that I am happy with someone, ( sad to say I still some how love my ex ) and if I were to make that horrible mistake that he would go back to his cold mean ways

    • Yes, he would and it is because he can't have his Prize possession and it is a challenge and a chase to get but if he were to get this back, meaning You, he would take it all for granted again and go back to his Old ways too.. Stay put, don't change a thing because this is what he is trying to do for you to ride his pity wagon and tug on your heart strings... You have someone and although it is normal to be in love with the past ghost, finding someone who will eventually keep the ranting and raving skeleton in the closet to rattle his life away is just what can happen in time... xx

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