Broke up with boyfriend?

was i wrong for breaking up with my boyfriend... he got arrested and long story short he said he was gonna change , they made him a trustee at the jail he's in. ( not prison) county jail... he lost the job.. he claims he owns a online cellphone bizness in jail.. im over it and done.. i will not wait 5 more months for him to be out when he could of been out in 2 more months... was i wrong? i thought he had changed but he can't even hold a simple job in jail... they were going to let him out very early..


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  • As someone who's been in jail before it doesn't change you it makes you more eager to get back into the old habits because you've been forced to not deal with them. You need to find a 3% Man that gets it and understands women because 97% of the guys out there just don't understand women at all. You all deserve the very best!


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  • No. Ur in the right.
    Especially if he's claiming to be running a cell phone business online from jail lol..
    Why lie? lying is a deal breaker for me no matter how petty it is

    • i mean we been together 4 years and i figured him getting aressted would change him for the better make him learn his lesson but all the talks about is doing bad stuff...

    • How old is he? Sometimes if a persons in a habit of doing dumb shit its hard to break. What is he in jail for? Whyd they extend his stay, did he catch new charges? Has he ever been to jail before?

    • he's 24... no they didn't extend it... him being a trustee they would of let him out early instead of march.. but instead he's getting out in march instead of late december..

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  • you shouldn't be judging him for not being able to hold a job while he is in jail. prison life is very tough and keeping a job there is not simple. remember what goes around comes around.

    • he couldnt hold a job while he was out sweetie... he lost his job because he's in jail doing something he shouldn't be doing... have you been in a mens jail to know what prison life is like?

    • I talked to a guy who was a part of a chain gain so I know what it's like there.

    • his simple job was to sew clothes.. he is in county jail he's not even in prison

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