Why does my Ex Girlfriend ask my best friend to hang out? She tell's him to bring me even though she's dating a new guy who used to be my good friend?

So my Ex Girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago and I told her that I wasn't interested in being friends and if she wants to pick up where we left off to give me a call, other than that I told her I didn't want to see her or hear from her because I wanted to move on with my life. So a week or two after our break up she goes and decides that she wants to start hooking up and dating my really good friend, mind you that they were friends first, since high school and we all used to hang out together. He was the one that introduced me to her. So he decided to disrespect me and start hooking up and dating my ex girlfriend a week after we broke up and he also sat there and spoon fed me bullshit advice on how I could get her back while he was hooking up with her, also he left his girlfriend that he had a baby within a week prior to when he started dating my ex girlfriend, kinda fucked up. So you can probably guess how ticked off I was about it so I haven't talked to either of them and my last encounter I ended up running into my Ex and her "new" boyfriend at a mutual friends party, I kept my cool, was friendly towards them, and had a fun time I even got arrested for being drunk in public later that night which was funny but I thought this was rather strange that she would drop off her new BF at home and come rushing to watch me get arrested, maybe she wanted to laugh at me for it idk, so the day after she's blowing up my phone to see if I got out of the drunk tank and I let her know I was ok, but I also let her know she doesn't need to worry about me anymore and I haven't seen or heard from her since. Now a month later after NC she's calling and texting my best friend and were always hanging out so she's invited him 3 different times to meet up and hang out and she told him everytime to bring me along so what does that mean? I still LOVE this girl so much but don't want to reveal my true feelings unless she feels the same. So whats the experts gotta say about it?


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