Drug habbit vs marriage?

Hey guys... I know this is quite full on but I can't talk to my friends about this and I need insight.
I have been married for 3 years and been with my husband since I was 15 (now 30).
He is a pretty big pot head and it causes a lot of problems in our relationship. He goes mental when he doesn't have it and it quite often scares me.. he always says he'll stop but I think that's just something he tells me when I'm not talking to him so I'll get over it. I never nag but I often tell him I just want to run away and not have to deal with this. Im highly sexual and it affects me so bad. He gets stoned and falls asleep every night and I end up having to satisfy myself all the time. I work with a lot of males and I'm attracted to one in particular and we've started chatting on Facebook and I know this is evil but I hid most evidence of me being married before I accepted his friend request. I don't think I'd cheat but I'm craving the attention! Im a good looking girl with a really laid back attitude and I feel my husband doesn't appreciate at all what he has.. should I stay or just be over and out?
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  • I dated a huge pot head who sounds so similar 9 years and im free and its great he will never change, leave him while you got some youth left in you !

  • If you've spoken about it with him and this has continued it won't change. Maybe make one last effort and if he doesn't get on board, leave.


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