Broke up w/ boyfriend but I'm left with so many questions!?

It didn't work out, but why? I put all my energy in it for a year and two months, but the last half year we didn't get along at all! I worried too much and after the break up my boyfriend said he didn't enjoy the relationship (or even like me that much anymore) after the first four/ five months. He always said he'd love me forever and he really liked my company until the few days. He never even talked about such things to me :(

I didn't enjoy the relationship for a while but got over it..
I just want to know if these things are normal in a relationship if someone really loves you:

* going out with girlfriend and then giving her friend more attention and basically forgetting the girlfriend is still there hanging out with you

* staring at other girls a lot, at their butt or whatever.. and all girls who look different from the girlfriend (different hair colour and clothing style)

* "accidentaly" offending someone/ being insensitive

I made my fair share of (stupid) mistakes by being too critical, trying to change him and being needy/jealous.. but something about this relationship didn't feel good.


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  • because he was looking in lust at other girls. He didn't love you. If he did, you would have been enough for him. Oh man. Girl I know EXACTLY how you feel... I was in those same shoes a few years ago. I had just turned 15. He was the same way. But I put myself through all of that unhappiness and heart ache because I loved him and I wanted HIM no matter how or who he was. But then later like now, I know what I deserve and I won't settle for any less. You won't get over him for a long while, it took me an entire year and a half to get over him completely. That was with no contact period. But yeah, I know how it feels. You blame yourself because you think you weren't good enough for him. You think that you weren't pretty enough for him. You think that you weren't sweet enough for him. But you know you were so loving and caring and gentle with him. You know that you are probably the BEST girl he is going to find, but you just don't understand why he doesn't want you. You did everything with him. You gave everything you had to him. You even kissed his lips with your eyes shut knowing that he was kissing you with his eyes open looking at a girl behind you. You did all this and went through all of that because you loved him. But you deserve better. Now that you are out, you can work on yourself. You can focus on making yourself happy. You can now know that you deserve better, though it may take years to get to that spot. I know that he is the only one you want now, and you don't want anybody else because they aren't him. But you have to try your very best to get over him. Because you deserve and deserved better than him. You deserve to be happy. And one day you will be. I am with the best boyfriend ever and love him with my whole heart and he is everything I deserve and want and need. You will find your right man one day, even though it seems as if you won't. Trust me that you will :) *hugs*

  • Well all the things you've mentioned are normal.. Honestly you're relationship problem are one of the most common thing happen in relationships.. I don't think he loves you... Don't you think that too? I mean, always staring and spend more time with other girls and "accidentally" offended you? Come on... Isn't that obvious? Probably he just wants sex... [ Maybe ] it's the guy's common trick to how to destroy a girl... Flirting with you and stuffs.. And when he gets what he wants [ usually sex, but I don't know about yours ] then he just leave you like your nothing.. But it's not your fault... Don't chase a guy... Don't change yourself, don't be to trusting... I'm so sorry and wish you for the best

    • In the end I made a fuss about his behaviour and after a while he couldn't take it any more. I guess just getting sex got too complicated for him and he had to put in too much work.

    • So he's the kind of person who doesn't want sex? or it's a really complicated thing to do in a relationship or etc?

    • No, he's the kind of guy that wants simple fun and sex - when things get tough, he'll run. That's what I mean.

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