I can't understand my ex and what she wants with me?

My ex is going on a second date tonight but she told me she isn't interested in the guy. She has nymphomania and I'm worried that although she has had it under control she admits it's coming back to the surface. I don't want to see her make thus mistake and I'm worried it will happen tonight. The guy is cooking her dinner and on there first date the cuddles and spooned spooned on the sofa.

I love her dearly still and she calls me at least twice a day. She calls me last thing at night and we talk for hours. She says I am her best friend and I am the nicest guy she knows. I'm hoping she realises I am more in her life life than to waste it on her giving into desire that means nothing.

I'm stuck, any words of help please.
P. s. I love her, moving on is the last option.


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  • You two are no longer together, and she's telling you about dates she's going on? and how she might have sex with them? It seems pretty clear that she put you in the friend zone, either that or she's keeping you in her life for backup. You deserve better, I know it's easier said than done, but try to distance yourself from her.

  • She's your ex for a reason ignore her and move on


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