Ex Gilfriend is very courious about me but cold?

Girls please help here (Guys also welcome)

My ex dumped me. She claimed it was lost of attraction, but I feel there might have been some school stress involved as well.

She seems very courious about what I am doing... What kind of job I am looking for, what I am doing in this and that city when I check in (facebook) ect... She even asks followup questions when I try to avoid the question...

But other than this she is very cold. Texts conversations ends quickly as her replies are very short, she doesn´t like anything I post online etc Unless I make hints about what I do, like visiting this city or going to a job interview... Then she texts me again asking about it and asking followup questions...


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  • It sounds like she's trying to keep you on the hook. Only giving you a little attention, and keeping you wondering when she'll contact you next. She probably just likes the attention from you.

    • So a solution would be to ignore her. (Already did the NC)
      Or maybe even blow her of and ask her to mind her own business?

    • Just don't answer her questions, pay her no mind. Pretty much just ignore her.

    • i have completely removed her from facebook, instagram and snapchat... Hopefully she will leave me alone and let me move on...

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