Show him or her the informational threads on GIGS: a viable solution?

If you don't know what GIGS is, look it up, but basically it's where the person in question believes it would be better to live the life of the party and flirt, date, and/or hook up with random people rather than being in a stable romantic relationship. The person who gets dumped typically will go to great lengths in effort to get him or her back, only to fail (typically). Finally, he or she will surrender and go through the healing process while the other is enjoying this free single lifestyle, only until eventually he or she [the person enjoying the single lifestyle] begins to feel used and/or empty inside and realizes that it was a mistake to leave the original stable romantic relationship. Then he or she will fall back to the person he or she broke up with in attempt to reconcile which typically fails because the other has usually moved on.

It's quite tragic, especially because this typically happens to long-term relationships that are often in excellent condition.

I thought about this and I was wondering if maybe a viable solution for people who catch GIGS is to now take advantage of all the informational GIGS threads that thoroughly illustrate and explain what it is and for the person who is about to get dumped to show him or her one or more of the threads in hopes that the other will listen and avoid making the mistake in the first place and salvage the romantic relationship.

In other words, help him or her learn from other people's mistakes in the past and hope that he or she does not repeat it.

Do you think this would be a viable solution for people who develop GIGS in romantic relationships?


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  • So a player who never grew up. No thanks

    • Well... realize that often times, this happens in a perfectly healthy long-term relationship (often in ones where the person in question has never been in a relationship prior to the current one), and they feel as if they are "missing out" or "wasting" their prime years, or they just want to "see what's out there". Interestingly, the trend is that it happens to women more (catching this feeling - known as GIGS).

      It's extremely devastating to the one being dumped as he or she feels as if they really are losing the love of their life since there wasn't anything "wrong" or any other dissatisfaction with the relationship. And if I am ever the dumpee in this position in the future, which I quite likely will be given my nature (that's why I am so concerned), I'll be very worried about whether I'll ever have as good of a relationship again (given I can actually achieve entering a relationship, which already seems like an imaginary circumstance).

    • There actually were some instance in which the broken couple in question reconciled, but it's quite rare because typically by the time the dumper returns, the dumpee has moved on. It makes me sad to hear about couples disintegrating like this, because often these couples are near-perfect otherwise. Quite tragic.

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