Why is he being such a jerk?

I was hurting in my relationship felt like my ex bf he didn't care about me and he didn't do anything to fix it and I broke up with him then changed my mind the next day. Him being immature and a dick ignored me for 3 days then finally broke up with me. He told me "I been thinking about what you said and I think we should see other people"
I said ok
He said ok?(Like thats all)
After being ignore for three days I pretty much took that as we were broken up so when he finally told me this I was not too shocked.
He said (after talking for a while) Your taking this better than I thought thank you"
I said How did you think this was gonna go
He said awkward, I never had to break up with someone before
I said ok and told him how the past 3 days I was already telling people Im single and this guy at my job wants to take me on a date. (I thought it was funny because the guy knew I just got out a relationship and didn't care)

Then after a while, accidently called me baby and told me he loved me as we were saying goodnight. He said he still wants to be friends.

I tried to be his friend after this and all he does is ignore me (we talked everyday for 2 years and 6 months now he can't even respond to a text)... so immature. Im moving on. I believe a lot has to do with how spiteful he is. Even when we were dating anything I did wrong was always 10 TIMES worst than anything he did. Even his friends and his mother didn't see why I stayed with him.


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  • So whats this about you're wondering why he called you his best friend I assume? Well maybe he's just playing head games, maybe he actually considers you a good friend, maybe he still likes you, maybe he doesn't like you in a relationship but as a fuck friend, maybe he wants you to make the first move again in getting back together. Nobody could give you a real answer on why actually because we don't actually know the person and what you wrote isn't enough for us to decide with.

    I am just going to give advice based on what you wrote if every one didn't see why you were with him and you think he's immature and so forth and that you're moving on why are you wondering why he called you his best friend if you're moved on? Clearly you haven't moved on yet or you wouldn't really care what he calls you just that he's immature and whatever else you consider him. So the question should be do you actually still like him? Because if you do maybe he knows you like the asshole selfish type and maybe that's why he's acting this way.

    • He knows I still love him. Sad. Love is blind. Before he hung up he told me he loved me and me being crazy said it back

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    • Yea, What should I do then? Keep not contacting him or go over his house and get my stuff? I tried to get him to bring my stuff (like he said he would but never did).

    • Sorry for late reply but I can't really tell you what to do I can suggest if you want to move on than first step would be to get your stuff out of his place.

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  • Wait, wait, wait. You broke up with him when he was being a dick and then changed your mind. Who's immature now?

    • I changed my mind because I love him. Then he returned the favor.

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