Is it possible for a guy to fall in love right after a break up?

So my ex and I broke up a month ago. I moved on completely from him, but then I saw on his blog ( that I now, unfollowed ) that he is " more in love" with this new girl. So could it just be just lust or is he really in love? Confused. Help?


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  • guys want what they can't have then when they have it they dont want it.
    for example. i look at a really hot amazing girl then im shocked i got her and got her number then sex and dated her then i get sick of her and dont care if we break up but then when im without her and not with her anymore i break down and say i should never have let that go


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  • Yes it is very much possible, however there is a large posibility of it being a rebound relationship; a relationship formed on her filling the void after you left. They rarely last longer than half a year.

  • "I moved on completely from him"


    Either rebound, or he was done with the relationship way before it officially ended.


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