Why won't he commit but get jealous and not want me to distance myself? Please help!!

To start please dnt think of the obvious but keep an open mind: My ex bf and I have never fully left each other since he broke up with me due to trust issues. When we broke up he even got a gf shortly after that everybody thought she wasn't even pretty and it seemed more like a rebound (he wld say I hurt him very much. Him n i still wld message each other but respectfully.. eventually he broke up with her. Now, he says he's not ready to be in a relationship but yet still txts me on his own, hugs me and even has given me like a kiss on my lips. Why do you think he won't commit? What should I do to make him have a clearer decision of what he wants (even if it's not what I wanted)? I really care about him still.


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  • You must cleanse your brain of thoughts about this turkey. Otherwise, resign yourself to being his on-call girl when he needs one. With such an attachment as you describe, you will cut off the possibility of meeting another guy to warm your cockles. I know it requires much determination, but you should not allow emotion to overrule common sense.

    • I see what you mean.. so when he msgs me do I avoid him completely (I dnt want to lose him) but I do want him to see what he's going to lose if he doesn't get his stuff together

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