Why do we have sex, he says I'm beautiful but?

My ex bf gets jealous still when I talk to guys, people tell us you'll need to just get with each other already. We message each other have long convos, he hugs me, kisses me, will be touchy feely even put his hand on my butt lol. Asks me to send him a pic. etc However, when I ask to commit he says he's not ready for that yet. When we were together he was so in love with me, but assumptions got the best of him and he broke up with me. I love him very much and wish I could make him see I'm not what he assumes. Why do you think he won't commit to me? What should I do?


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  • He's using you for sex. This is exactly what guys do. Men don't really read into the whole Im not ready yet thing, women usually do this. This guy knows that you will allow him to have a booty call, however, if/when he finds another girl he may either stop or try to hold on to you.. how do i know? Common sense. If he TRULY loved you like he/you says, he wouldn't want to be an ex. He doesn't want to commit because he doesn't want to be with you except for sexual.

    • Why would he get jealous? And why does he message me on his own about how i am doing etc.. that's what I don't understand.. to me if we were about sex he wld just booty call me but I feel at times he does a bit more to just use me for sex. Apart of me knows I really hurt him and I feel the reason why he doesn't want to be with me right now is because he's afraid of getting hurt.. what would you suggest I should do to take him out of his comfort zone.. like obviously ima stop having sex

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    • Awww...haha :D... i feel better now

    • U should ;) don't fret the small stuff

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  • we have sex because we can have it again and again

    • Ughh I'm starting to see that.. :(

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  • Omg move the fuck on. This dude is so clearly stringing you along until he either finds someone he likes more, or realizes there isn't anyone else out there. His "assumptions" got the best of him and he broke up with you? How is that your loss if a dude broke up with you over something you supposedly didn't even do?

    If you want a relationship, go be with a guy who wants one too... but this joker is tool. You're being played so hard it's not even funny.

    • Love is blind and when you love to other people it may seem like an obvious solution. . but my heart speaks otherwise. However, I hear what you are saying and I'm understanding slowly i deserve more than this. I hope one day he sees that nobody loved him as much as me because even despite everything I was always there.

    • He will, and by then you won't give a fuck because you'll be with someone better.

    • Well thank you so much for your help

  • You should meet someone else. It sounds to me like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. If you really want a relationship then you have to meet someone else who also wants a relationship.

    • Why want his cake and eat it to? Like do you think he doesn't like me at all? It's so hard to let go because i love him very much but apart of me knows he cnt have the best of both worlds for long

    • no, im sure he does like you. He just doesn't want commitment. He is enjoying the sex and spending time with you but he also wants to keep his options open for someone else. Guys know if they want a relationship and if they do they will tell you. Guys that dont want relationships will also hangout with you as long as you are giving him what he wants. You are a friends-with-benefits and most friends-with-benefits situations do not turn into relationships because they guy is happy with the way things are and the girl is not trying to go anywhere.

    • Your right I guess it's time to take him out of his comfort zone... it's soo hard but your right why would he make a commitment when he can have everything rifht now.. i guess why I would still continue is because I felt that I could still show him I'd never give up on our love and that would make him see.. but I don't know how im going to do this but I need to distance myself. . ughh im soo sad right now

  • He's using you honey.

    • :( it's just hard to believe that someone who took a entire year to convince me he wanted to be with me would completely have no emotions for me...

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    • You deserve so much more than him :) Go live your life... then rub it in his face fterwards lol

    • Haha I like that... your right :)

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