So I got a problem , and I don't know how to solve it has been 4 months?

This chick i was crazy in love with and stuff happen and we went our different ways. So even after 4 months of not seeing her , i still when ever i talk to any chick or think of anything to do with a chick. She pops up in my head , but i know she has a bf know and ya she is happy and that's all i ever wanted for her. But know i'm here with girls that are interested but i always find a way to mess up so it never happens. Will this go away how long do i gotta wait until i will stop thinking but her. When ever i see something that reminds me of her she pops up in my head with all her memory's.


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  • its easy go see a hypnosis that's what I did it got the boy right out of my head and now I am dating a better boy


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