Miss my ex but she is married now, What to do to be with her again?

I miss my ex a lot I was stupid and so young and broke her heart several times by stupid things like cheating and else but now I find what a huge mistake I did and want to be with her again.
But she is a married woman now and doesn't want to even see me again. What can I do to prove to her that I changed?
I would do everything she wants to be with her again.


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  • Move on because she surely has. She has made a commitment to another man. You don't have the right to be in her life. You had your opportunity and you messed it up. You didn't love her enough to not cheat. You treated her badly and she got over it and moved on to another relationship where she is probably being treated right. You seriously need to move on and try and get into another relationship. It doesn't matter that you've changed because she has told you to leave her alone. Take the hint.


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  • you dont do anything
    you respect her and her husband, leave them alone and not ruin their relationship :)

    you should try to move on


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  • She told you what she wants. To leave her alone. So if you meant what you said, then back off. Chasing her would be entirely selfish and that is not love

    • She told me she loves me a lot when we were together.

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    • Really love her but if she was with me it was better.

    • There's a reason every guy here is telling you to leave it alone

  • do nothing, if she is married. just forget her.

    • Can't forget I love her so much.

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    • Yes you are right.

    • don't worry, bro, you can forget her. i don't belive in love as a permanent emotion. yeah people can love. i believe that but in my opinion love has a lifetime and when this lifetime is over, you can forget every girls (or guys for females). try to find a gf. this can help you to forget her

  • This is what you do to get her back... you don't. Move on. It's your loss.

    • There should be chance.

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    • Yes its logical but she doesn't know how much I changed and how much I want her.

    • Lesson one in debating your point is never to admit to who you're debating that their point is logical and then counter with a ridiculously illogical reply. You are out of the game brah you lost don't waste your life over spilt milk when there's more in the fridge... you're basically licking milk off the kitchen floor!

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