My Ex texts me everyday –– WHY?

So... my ex broke up with me in August, because of several issues (Long-d, fights...). I was so hurt of course so as him, but he keeps on texting right after the breakup until now, he would ask me how am I doing, what are my thoughts for the future... etc, but in fact it really bothers me. I once texted him a really long message telling him that i can't stand talking to him and pretend nothing happened, i made it clear, I think he seemed upset (because of what i told him), but then he recontacted me few days later...
I couldn't just ignore his messages because he texts me almost everyday, and i don't want to be rude.
Actually it is nice to talk to him but I can't stand the way he talks.
I don't know why he wants to talk to me and texts me everyday like he is still my boyfriend but he is my ex and he was the one who broke up?
And i want to know if it is just me or what i'm thinking might be true that he is just using me to fill his emptiness by talking to me, mean like he is hurt from the breakup and feel lonely so he just talks to me...

PS : He broke up because we were also hurt from being together too.


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  • Best thing to do is either block his number or change your number, you need to lose contact with him, it's not healthy to go on like that trust me i kept in contact with my ex for 2 years and it did nothing but hurt me and him. You'll both end up better off if you cut off all contact.


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  • Ah !!! Look if you gonna break up you have to ignore his texts. The fact that you are not means your still into him and he knows it. So he won't leave you alone.
    Make up your mind, if your not happy then cut the whole thing and get over him. He is obviously not taking you breaking up with him serious.


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