Why is my Ex a jerk after the break-up?

We were friends for 2 years before dating for 6 months. We would text each other everyday. The break-up was mutual. We kept fighting and agreed to see other people.

Then he said "Vicky, Your like a best friend to me, One of the few people I can call a best friend."
Then after a while, accidently called me baby and told me he loved me as we were saying goodnight. He said he still wants to be friends.

I said ok we can be friends cause we were friends before we started dating. I tried to be his friend after this and all he does is ignore me or stop responding after a while. I have given up and decide its just best to move on. He still has my shirt at his house that he just refuses to give back. I tried to get it yesterday and its like pulling teeth with him.

I understand people handle break ups different but I dont see why he has to be such a jerk to me when he was my "Friend" for 2 years. Plus the break -up was mutual.


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  • He is probably finding it harder and harder to "just be friends", and trying to distance himself to make it easier on him. When I went to Iraq, I did the same thing to my (then) girlfriend... I was rude, trying to distance myself, to mentally get ready for what I was about to do. Is it stupid? hell yes. But it's like a natural defense thing guys do.


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  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's. Now you see why.

    Rule #5: Guys are never "just friends" with girls. Now that he's lost you, he's not interested.

    Move on.

  • Some guys never really digest a break up. I learned to let live and I am not upset about my exes anymore.


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