Guys, how would you break up w/ a girl you haven't been seeing long?

Guys, how would you break up w/ a girl you seemed interested in... but may have lost interest in over like 3 weeks?
  • Tell her face to face
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  • Stop texting her and hope she gets the point
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  • Call her and tell her
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  • Keep dating her and hope things get better b/c 3 weeks isn't long enough
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  • From my personal experience all the guys that lost interest stopped texting me or at least started texting me less and less... and then when I'd ask them what's wrong they'd usually turn it on me and make me seem like the desperate or clingy one :/ Then they'd just stop completely. I could never have gotten any guy to a point where he could tell me face to face that he's no longer interested. Each time it's some kind of mind game or simple distancing.

    • ahhh yes! This has been my experience so far too!

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  • Any serious conversation should be had face to face if at all possible.

    • I so agree! Why don't guys do this though?

    • Don't generalize.
      Some do, some don't.

    • Good point. I shouldn't generalize. I'm really confused about this one... I can text him and he'll write back... but he never initiates... he's always super nice when we do talk though :/

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