Ex girlfriend removed me as a Facebook friend, why?

My ex and I split amicably. I let her stay at the apartment for as long as she needs (while I stay with friends) to figure everything out. She ultimately wants to move out. I've always been there for her, when there was problems with the house I said, "I'll take care of it". She messaged me on my birthday to say she is so proud of me.

I noticed the other day I am no longer Facebook friends with her but the rest of my family and friends are... Why would she remove me?

I did go out on my birthday and friends posted a bunch of pictures of me having fun? Or is she going to post a bunch of stuff she's worried about? She also hasn't been answering my calls.


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  • Because she is trying to move on without you and have you move on without her. How are either of you ever supposed to get over the relationship if you have a window into one another's lives through facebook? That is too painful for most people. You cannot go from being in a relationship to being just friends. It is too hard and too awkward. She is putting up the proper boundaries you both need to move on, no matter how hard it is to do it.

    • Why did it take 2 months?

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    • Because I am sure just like you she is confused and misses you and is having a hard time with it? It is really hard to guess what another person is thinking. But if she did unfriend you she is doing you a huge disservice by still looking at stuff and telling you. that's not healthy and is keeping you guessing.

    • I think she misses me too. She's been very cold to me lately. She is moving out and we need to get some things resolved. I moved out for over a month to give her space and move out (don't ask, this is what she wanted).

      It's been 2 months (6 months if you count when she's been emotionally gone). This seems sudden.

  • She probably doesn't want anything to do with you right now or something and just probably needs some time to distance herself from you and heal of course.

    • We've been broken up for 2 months. She was removing herself from me for 4-5 maybe even 6 months from now :(

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    • Well, I am letting her live at the apartment while I am living over at friends. She is moving out and we have some things we need to resolve regarding bills. She also will need to talk to the landlord to get off the lease.

    • Apartment? I thought she already did move out. I hope things work out between you two if you do decide to get back together other than that I wish you the best.

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