My ex keeps texting me durring no contact?

This is so flipping hard. I don't want to talk to him, but the stuff he keeps saying just pisses me off and makes me want to lash out. How do i maintain quietly?


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  • by realizing that
    1) he's trying to manipulate you
    2) there's no harsher reply or slap in the face than... ignoring he exists
    3) replace all forms of communication he has to you
    4) a restraining order would be "something" to deter his eventual need to personally contact you face-face IF you report/document each infraction


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  • You ignore him or block him
    You don't need him in your life
    He is an ex for a reason

    • Yeah, its just raw and sad right now

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  • How do i maintain quietly?

    Rule #1: Never deal with ex's. Now you see why.

  • Block him from everything, and don't respond at all. It's harsh, but if he's being a dick, than ignore him, and eventually he'll stop. You're not responsible for people's crazy.

    • Someone once told me, "Jennifer, you can't make sense out of crazy" that just reminded me of that

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    • Yeah, thank you for that. Im actually really sad about it right now. I asked him to leave, which he did (mean words exchanged on both parts) i then stopped answering his calls and texts for two days. So he showed up here today to get his things. He left his dog here because he can't bring him to where he lives (at his douce canoe best friends house) he keeps asking when can we sit and talk. Right now I feel like there is nothing to talk about, it just keeps happening and I don't see any changes happening. He says for the record he loves and misses me and wants to talk, but then he tried to pass the blame to me saying the stuff i said to him was really mean. I think he is just emotionally stuck at 15 years old. And i already have 3 teenagers to raise.

    • And why are you anonymous Mr?

  • lol if he's being an ahole ignoring him will do more than lashing out to get to him.

    As someone else said if its threatening or violent in nature get some police/judicial help.

    You engaging feeds it.


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  • Block his number. Simple


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