How to end talking to a guy without making it awkward or being mean?

I'm "talking" to this guy and I don't want to date him and I'm tired of leading him on. How do I tell him that I don't want to "talk" anymore and just be friends without being mean and making it awkward?


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  • Honestly, you should just bluntly tell him you aren't interested. Be nice about it, but don't give him the "nice guy" speech. Depending on the severity of the crush, it might cause him to linger around and think there's still a chance.

    Guys don't tend to want to settle for the consolation prize of being friend zoned.

    • Should I do it in person or over text because we don't see each other very often

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  • You're a really nice guy, and I think you'd be a great boyfriend to someone, which is why I've been seeing you. However, I can't seem to feel a natural attraction to you or spark with you. I'm sorry but I don't think we can be anything more than friends.


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  • "I gotta talk to you about something"
    "You seem like a great guy but maybe we should just be friends"
    " I'm sorry"


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