How to have the getting back together talk?

I'm getting good morning texts, hang out requests, communication still a little flat compared to when dating but that's to be expected. Even had her sister mention privately that she's not done with you (taken with a grain of salt they are close but not close enough that she'd say anything if she were looking to get with another guy).

My question is how do you approach that with not creating ultimatums or acting desperate? Or maybe just keep waiting until its brought up by her?

Communication was really strong after no contact, tapered a bit, but then started getting good mornings, sister chat, etc.

Any help or suggestions would be amazing.


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  • If your getting request to having out and good morning texts... What's the issue?

    • sporadic, plans still being canceled occasionally. Just feel like its possible its being strung along, or at least played out until something better might come along.

    • Ahhh then don't waste your time.

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