I want someone and they want me, but he also wants her?

Recently, my ex and I have reconnected and we both admitted that we still have strong feelings for each other but after we broke up the first time he started talking to another girl. So now they're "talking" and it looks like they might even be dating soon but he still says he has these feeling for me and I don't know what to think about this whole situation!! HELP!!
Ok so now the guy that I have very deep feelings for is dating the girl that he was talking to. Me and the guy talk everyday 24/7 and he still admits to having these intense feelings for me but feels like it would be wrong just to drop the girl he's now dating. I believe he's just waiting for the relationship to take it's course and then me and him will see about getting back together again but I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!! Its literally torture seeing them around school, holding hands and
being a couple. My biggest fear is accidentally seeing them kiss because me heart will SHATTER like its never shattered before. Should I just move on? Should I keep waiting? PLEASE HELP IM GOING INSANE WITH EMOTIONS!!!


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  • What you should think about the situation is that this guy will never be able to just be with you, and only you, forever. If that is a dealbreaker for you (and it is for most people), then you need to cut your losses now and remove the guy from your life. Otherwise you will just keep running into this problem.

    If you are fine with open relationships, then that brings with it a different set of advice and opinions, but in my experience that isn't going to be the case here.


What Girls Said 1

  • Let him have her, don't go running back to him. Was there like a reason why you two broke up? Do you want to get back together with him or would you rather move on? I usually move on from exes and keep them out of site I don't go back to them. Plus my feelings are gone for my ex nothing left just the past. I think he could be playing mind games with you and could possibly just play with your feelings. He can't have both of you it has to be one or the other. If you want to take him back its up to you. I usually just let it go, if it didn't work out the first time why would it work out the second time?

    • I want him back. We broke up the first time because I was going through a lot of personal issues and to be absolute honest, I kinda lost interest in him. Plus, we had been getting into petty arguments. It was pretty clear that we were out of the honeymoon phase!

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