Ex cheated on me in February, cut me off, & then says sorry in a Skype text 8 months later. Random much?

So this happened back in February:


He declined from speaking a word to me and forgot I existed for months on end, until it's fast forward approximately 8 months later to October 22, 2014. I get a Skype message on my phone. It was listed to have come in at 4:30 am, but I didn't get it until 7:30 am, before work.

It pretty much said, "Hi. I'm very sorry that I cut you out of my life like that. I have no excuses."

Wtf? It's already been done, so what's the point? As in, what did he probably want or expect? That ship has sailed long ago. lol
My only reply happened to be "I wondered about that."


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  • You've moved on no sense rehashing it...

    Either he feels:

    -guilty and is trying to wash it way
    -knows he made a mistake and is hoping to fix it
    -got dumped and is looking to see if he can get an ego boost off you maybe still engaging in communication or reassuring your love for him.


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