My gf ask me for time but she said we will get back together one day? Im so confused someone help me?

Message me ill tell you my. whole 3 weeks. since she jus left me. from one day to. another saying she jus neded time but she loves me still but won't bother fighting to make this relationship work again


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  • If I were you I just would get the hell out of dodge. In my age I have a no BS policy. If you need time, you got it to move on.

    • Thanks man the only thing that makes it harder for me its because she lives up stairs from me.

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    • what kind of code is that?

    • Los Angeles

  • "Saying she just needs time, but she loves me still, but won't bother fighting to make this relationship work again.

    That statement, in my opinion, suggests there were detrimental issues in the relationship, which you are aware of. Thus, her sudden decision to leave was not spontaneous or without forewarning.

    In any case, she appears to be stringing you along by giving you hope of a future with her.

    • Yea but you think she might be playing games with me or she can easy have someone else and if she sees its not working out shes. gonna come back

    • Dude, stop it. This is needy behavior. To answer your question, though, if she wanted someone else, she would likely be dating others and not going on Holidays with you, etc. Relax.

    • Your right tho she's prolly all happy rite now and im. here all sad thinking about her its not fair. the way she left me she thinks shes. gona. come back. onky when she wants too hell nah

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