I ran into my ex-girlfriend online and she acted really hostile towards me 4 months after our breakup?

Ok so I need some help analyzing this situation, we got into an argument one day when she asked me to spent time with her and blew me off to hang with her friend without telling me. So I said some mean things like I don't want to be a third wheel anyways. She ignored me when I tried to apologize and got really scared of my attempts to make her talk, she's an introvert. After 2 weeks of space she decided to breakup with uncertainty and I tried to talk her out of it and she got mad me.

I told one of our friends what happened and a month later she told her how upset I was and how I might hurt myself if she kept ignoring me. So she cut off all contact with me, this friend of ours was wasted and had an ex that cut himself before. I never said anything about wanting to hurt myself or anything. I called her and she was really scared. But later heard from her mom she was scared I was going to do something stupid. She told me she didn't have feelings for me anymore and never wanted to see me again.

Now fast forward 2 months she joined a game lobby of a shooting game we used to play together with one of our friends. She told this friend she wanted to leave, but she convinced her to stay. The entire time she was really upset and anxious and everytime I killed her she was on the other team, she would say something like I was out to get her and was really scared. I said hi to her in chat and she freaked and said he's trying to talk to me, I hate him with a broken upset voice. The people on her team asked her why she hated me because I knew a lot of those people and they knew me as a nice guy. She said I was obsessed with her and in love with her.

I heard all this from our friend, so I told her to tell my ex I wasn't mad at her or feeling heart broken anymore. She told our friend to unfriend me or she would and proceeded to unfriend 30 online mutual friends.

Does she still have feelings have feelings for me? Why is she so mad at me? After 2 months of N. C.


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  • Well your friend might be exaggerating things to her. Or your ex is delusional. Either way stop trying. You telling your friend to tell her it's okay is too much. Act like it never happened and steer clear of her. You just keep giving her more ammo to say you're obsessed with her.


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  • Of course not. She has made it painfully clear she no longer wants to see or speak to you. Yet, seemingly unfazed, you continue to reach out to her and address your issues with her to mutual friends. Which, understandably, angered her.

    She wants to let go and move pass her former relationship with you, which is difficult to do when you constantly ignore her wishes. Thus, she feels you are obsessing over her.


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  • 1. she's been brainwashed by her friend... or others
    2. she's been doing some covert, shameful things that would bring wrath from you if known
    3. she's paranoid that breaking up will bring on her feelings to need to get even from you
    4. she's the type that if she doesn't get her way. she gets mad, gets even... so thinks others are that way as well
    5. people that are not open & gregarious to you are often hiding poor feelings toward you, even plans that could hurt you

  • Rule #1: Never deal with ex's. Now you see why. Ignore her, online and in the real world.


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