I did NC for 2 months then texted my ex, he did not respond?

My ex bf broke up with me a few months ago. For about a month he was still in contact with me wanting to make things work, and then quickly changing his mind back and forth every day. He said he was depressed with his job and not getting into grad school. For a few weeks he wanted to take things slow, but he was still treating me badly so I ignored him mostly. Well 2 months ago he met a girl on Facebook and they met up and have been inseparable since then. I acted desperate and needy, but then decided to leave and go NC. It has been 2 months of NC and neither of us have contacted one another during this time. I have been keeping myself busy, I have been on a few dates, and have enjoyed my life a bit more now. I do think about him from time to time and miss him. A few weeks ago our mutual friend warned him that we were going to the same bar on the weekend, and my ex said he was okay with seeing me. His current girlfriend threw a tantrum at the bar, even though I kept my distance the whole night. They have been spending a lot of money and traveling around a lot on the weekends. It is his birthday so I texted him wishing him a happy birthday, and hoped that he is doing well. He did not respond. I feel like an idiot right now. We did not end our relationship hating each other, he just apologized a lot for hurting me and said he was confused and lost with where his life was going. Does this mean his current girlfriend is not a rebound? Him not responding hurts enough to bother me.
My ex ended up texting me later in the day just saying thank you and he hopes I am doing well too. I guess that was what I expected. I think he must be happy with his new gf since he did not try to continue the conversation in any way.


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  • he has a gf now. that's why. you two are no longer obligated to each other for anything, although yeah it was nice of you to send him a text but he didn't have to respond. should he have? well he could have to be nice but its up to him.

    • Yeah, I guess I should not have expected anything.. he is not obligated to respond I just thought maybe he would have. A part of me still wants him back so I thought maybe opening the lines of communication would help, but I guess there is no way of reversing this.

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  • With him finding a newbie now on his arm and as you put It-------Inseparable since then, he has Obviously moved on, finding a new life and romance and now he is even putting you on his pay no mind list.
    You both had a good run, even thought you would reunite again, but with his behavior and badly boyish immature rude manner of "Treating me so badly," he wasn't sure what he wanted then again with you both and things became in a rock and hard place situation in his life and at the same time, Became this fickle pickle as well... and along comes Miss marry down another rosebud path then.
    You were right in going down south, sweetie, starting over and leaving the past behind. However, the skeletons came out of the closet, rattling His Other not so sweet half and her Own insecurities are the Only thing I see here right now a someone who Should------Should feel like an idiot right now.
    Even after her childish display in the bar, you took your time and was every bit the lady to even send him a Happy birthday message. Sadly, because of her and her antics, he didn't kindly return it. I'm sure That was the reason.
    No, I am keen on what I am seeing here, the writing is on the wall. He is more of a butt kisser than taking on a Rebound Rebecca for I feel she was what he was missing out of his life and Now-----He knows where his life is going. Apparently, he is lost with the Thrill kill of being controlled now. She sounds spoiled and babyish.
    And with this, I also see a lot of toil and trouble in Denmark down the beaten path of having to put up with a hissy fit infant who he will cater to until the cows come home, but eventually you hearing the news on Fb that there is trouble in paradise too.
    Long story short, don't let this bother you... let sleeping dogs and let him know now how it feels to be most likely Treated badly, for I know this type and she is the straw boss and he is probably always in the dog house.
    They deserve one another and you Deserve better.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for your response. I guess I just got myself down after finding out that he has decided to officially date her and introduce her to his family, etc. He did end up responding to my text message by saying thank you and that he hopes I am doing well. I guess I should just let him go, it is just hard since I spent 7 years with him and I still want him back. I hope you are right about everything.

    • You are so welcome... Yes, it's only normal to be down in the dumps after a bad break up... However no matter how you slice the cake, he no longer can be trusted in a situation that even if he would break up with her tomorrow, there might be another on the other end or maybe Her a back and forth breaking up and making up saga, still leaving you in a Triangle Threesome with him and another... This means you are at the top, looking down, from side to side. He was this fickle pickle and confused and not wanting to go back with you, was not sure, he treated you like a door mat which is showing me his "7 year itch" has turned into a nitemare for you but a way to get out and move on with a new life. You have a new life yourself started.. However, I will say this much, down the beaten path if he may go down this, he could later on call you with a shoulder to cry on, needing a friend in his life... Glad he did end up texting you with his kind "Thank you" in response... xx.

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  • Why would you do NC and then text your ex afterwards? To me it looks like a complete waste of those 2 months.,.

  • It doesn't sound like she's a rebound.

    • I guess the only reason I thought she was a rebound was because 2 days before they got together he was still texting me he missed me and thought about me a lot, and was sorry. Their relationship has been moving lightening fast based on what our mutual friends have been saying. She also is attracted to his roommate, from what I hear but I dont know for sure since I am not physically observing any of this. We were together for 7 years so for him to be already with someone serious is hard to believe, but I guess anything can happen.

    • Guys can get over a relationship so fast, most girls don't believe it. Sometimes it's so fast, it makes the girl question whether the relationship was even real, whether he actually ever felt anything for her at all.

      Never ever underestimate how quickly a guy can move on from you. It's one of the most profound differences between men and women. Men can move on so fast, it can sicken you.

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  • If it’s been two months and he’s not responding plus he has a girlfriend then it means he’s over you or not interested in being in a relationship with you again.


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