He left me pregnant after I caught him cheating, had a miscarriage a few days later and he never responded when I told him. Haven't spoke in a month?

Me and my ex dated for 3months and things we're perfect. He moved here from another state to get over his and the mother of his 2Children breakup He said they were together for 5yrs and things we're just not working btwn them so he wanted to move on and needed a new scenery to do so.
They maintained a friendship for the sake of the children and I respected that One night we were ordering take out at a restaurant and his phone rang, he pressed the ignore button and went outside to talk on the phone. When the food was ready I poked my head outside to let him know so he could pay, he shhshd me told me to go back inside and he'd be in soon. I was pissed cause I wanted to know who he was talking to that he couldn't do it in front of me. I never suspected him of cheating because we spent EVERYsingle day together and he stayed over every night so there was no time for anyone else.
On the way home he started to explain how his ex was going through something and needed to talk to him, I asked why he shhshd me when he was on the phone with her if they weren't together anymore. We got into a big fight and he told me he'd never disrespect the mother of his kids and talking to her around me was doing so. I knew it was bs but I let it go. Fast forward a few months later i found out I was Pregnant and he wanted me to get an abortion, I said I'm having my bby with or without you he didn't agree with my decision but knew he couldn't change my mind so he eventually came around. one day I came in from the store and he was on the phone I heard him say give me a kiss and as soon as I walked in he hung up the phone. I waited until the next day to say anything and when I did he lied and said he wasn't on the phone but I knew what I heard so I told him to leave. We didn't talk for4days so I texted him saying we don't need to be together I just want him in my childs life. He told me to stop txtng him & to avoid him, I miscarried
that night and told him in a text he never responded.


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  • Is there a question? It is a sad story but much of this could have been avoided. He was on the rebound and you should not have become involved with him. You became sexually involved with a guy who would be a horrible father. When you became sexually active, you should have used birth control, but you didn't. Take a look at what you did that created this mess so that you won't make the same mistake again.


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  • First of all think about it if he left his woman and his kids of 5yrs and had enough in no way was he ready to jump into another one. An you been with him basically 5 seconds in the dating world thats nothing. He sounds like an ass. his loyalty is to her as they was together for long and he must still care for her. He had baggage and you should not of got with him just yet or at all

    • I agree that I was way too naive to think he was ready to jump into something else, what I don't understand is how he's pisse at me for catching him in a lie, and not caring that I lost our child which I feel is his fault. Is he just a coward?

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    • You make it like its all his fault. Its not it shows me your too young an inexperienced

    • I see both sides but do think he is an ass as I've said that but all I meant was if he's so quick to escape fromhis baby mom and kids to her what made her think he would be true to her? She evensaid she was naive an all. i said was hope you learnt and move on to better its called honesty and positivity.

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  • I don't really think he did anything wrong I'm also not sure what the question is here


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  • Oh my gosh!! I am so so so so sorry!! I know what that feels like! Same thing happened to me but he didn't cheat on me. He was just an ass so we broke up. But I'm so sorry about your miscarriage, I know how it feels to lose a baby. I am 17 and lost mine just this past May. I was only pregnant for 3 and a half weeks, but I still loved my baby so so much. I miss her every day. My boyfriend at that time was not so supportive, he wanted me to have an abortion just so he could keep working at the volunteer center he works at. That's crap though so I was like hell no! He was at a baseball tournament for 2 out of the 3 and half weeks. He told me not to talk to him About the baby while he was there because it stressed him out. He was never really there for me. I lost the baby and just told him it was my period and that I must not have been pregnant. I told him 2 months later that it was actually a miscarriage. I didn't tell him when it happened though because I knew he was just going to say what he did. "I'm sorry. But the past is past and you can't bring her back. There is no use in being sad about it." And he basically said now we can carry on with our lives without a burden of a baby. My ex is 20 btw. But yeah :p anyways so my point in all of this is to let you know that I know almost exactly what you feel. I am here for you if you need someone to talk to. Just remember that your little sunshine is your little angel now. Your baby is always with you and in your heart <3

  • sounds like you saved yourself from a life of unhappiness


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