What are some of the best steps to get your ex girlfriend back?

She's still alittle guarded, and she reached out recently. I didn't expect to ever hear from her. She said she needs time to think, and I told her that was ok, and there's no pressure at all. That's the last time I spoke to her. Just waiting to hear back. What's the next step when she reaches back out?


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  • Depends on why you broke up. Show that you care about her. If us girls don't hear from our ex's we think they moved on and do not care. So if you care let her know.

    • She reached out to me. Told me she missed me, and wants to be friends. But she said she still needs time to think about it. I said that was fine and no pressure. Just waiting to hear back from her.

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  • It's your life, you do what do want you want to. But I like to think that an ''ex'' is called an ''ex'' because it's an EXample of what you shouldn't have again in the future.

    • I know. It's kind of a weird situation. I do miss her a lot, and we were both at fault for breaking up, but we care about each other. I don't know. Maybe I should think about it more.

  • Would go back


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