Does he actually love me, or really just not care as he's now ignoring me?

I've been with my now ex boyfriend about half a year. everthing was perfect or seemed so. no arguments and doing everthing together (although not overly so, we still had 2/3 nights a week with our friends or just alone) he would constantly make a lot of effort to spend time with me, told me he loved me and lucky to have me and generally was the perfect man... but...

Last week he split up with me completel out the blue, by text, and now won't speak at all. im so upset i have no idea where it came from. he says he doesn't know if he wants a girfriend right now so must not have feelings or be bothered anymore and i should find someone better soon.

so after this he blocks me on Facebook and whatsapp too! (and no i hadn't kept messaging on them, I've sent him two texts and called three times ) - if he's not bothered as he claims why go to such effort.

he spoke to his friend and said only good things about the relationship and that i made him very happy. as indeed, everyone would say we seemed great together and very happy.

he's got a new job with a lot of travel and a young child. has he just got overwhelmed? or genuinely just never cared and its all been a lie? help!!!


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  • No he did love you. But think about it from his point of view. He did this all because of his new job. His career is his priority in his life. He honestly would love to stay with you (if everything was perfect as you said) but of course, this job means he won't be able to see you very often and it would be emotionally draining for both of you. He just thought it was the best for you if he ended the relationship and stopped all contact to help you get over him as he doesn't want this scenario to happen. He loves you, which is why he said he knows you will find someone else because he knows you deserve it and he wants you to be happy. I'm very sorry you have to go through this, I wouldn't be able to make it if my boyfriend did this to me.

    • i genuinely believe he did have feelings there was too much said and done not too, he was so affectionate and always made me feel good about myslef.
      yet this hurts so much - the silence... its unbearable like i keep thinkinh 'if he cared he wouldn't leave me to feel like this, all on my own'
      i understand he has a lot on. i really hope we can make something work if he has some space to settle his life a bit. i miss him a lot. i dont know, i mean i can't hang around? but i dont mind giving him some time as its not like im lookin for anyone else right now

    • If I was you, I would go to him at least one last time and say, "If this is about the job and not being able to spend much time together, please rethink your decision. I love you. I want to be with you and no body else." which is honest and shows him exactly what you want. If I was in your situation I would do this anyway, it all depends on how close your connection is. If he really was in love with you, this would really impact him.

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