On unsolicited advice I followed my heart and wrote her?

On the unsolicited advice of a friend I followed my heart and wrote her a letter. "I've been dating/am dating but I miss you". I suppose she's a serial monogamist... never been single more than a month or since 15. Less than a month after she moved back home she's with an old bf. We were together 5 years. After much back n forth at first I let go... at least tried... a year later a female friend had been seeing it on my face and gave me the advice. Without seeming desperate... I expressed how I felt life took us a part, things unfortunately aren't just that easy and I never wanted to give up in so many appropriate words. It was a messy ordeal at first, clearly there was feelings on both our ends. Out of respect I told her I was sending it. She "wasn't sure to say" but didn't object or tell me to go to hell. Thoughts?


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  • How long ago was this? She might still be processing everything.

    • Week.

    • After a while of not speakin... we would chat here and there. She even text me on a Friday night out of no where. I were her bf I wouldn't like that. She hasn't hid that relationship. Sometimes it's like she may care others she would seem cold. I try to never read into it.

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