I met the right guy but wrong time wrong conditions. Now I am suffering?

I met this guy at school we dated two years he was my everything then we moved to different countries and the distance was something we managed well until one day over a small fight wheni made him cry for hours saying that i wanna break up and the end he said he doesn't see future for us anymore and we broke now it s been a year.. I dont meet anyone no guy approaches me at all i am a total wreck wonderingb what he is doing but too proud not to call not to contact not to beg but i miss him terribly and my heart aches and i believe i will never love anyone again. I hate myself my life my job everything since i lost him. Nothing works.. Counselling therapies travels new social environment new activities.. Nothing.. please someone tell me the solution i am so miserable thinking of ending my life and i can't share it with anyone cuz i relocated in this country just a year and a half ago and i am way far Way from family friends everything..


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  • I think the reasons you are not happy is your thoughts thinking you won't be happy without him. The first step in moving on is letting go. After, telling yourself you can and will live without him and still be happy is what you should do next. You know that self ego that you don't need him to be happy? Cling on that :) I think the reason why guys don't approach you most probably because currently you are not happy with yourself. If even you don't like the way you are right now, how about others?

    No. Don't go end your life. It'd get better really. Talk to your friends, let it all out. There's many things you can still be thankful with and many many other things you can still look forward too. Your future, another guy better than him perhaps? Don't just because of a guy you close the opportunities of all the other guys.

    I know you are feeling really down right now. I know how bad it feels. I've been there too. I may be a stranger but I'm here for you. I'll be rooting for you! :) Smile! You'll feel far better.


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