My ex-girlfriend is moving out of state forever. See her before she leaves?

We broke up just shy of a year ago. I have tried dating other women but haven't found somebody like her. I still miss her. She was my first serious relationship, even though I'm in mid 20's. I think I may have loved her. She seems to still be dating somebody. That's ok. Good for her. I want to ask her to coffee to say goodbye though.

I also want to apologize for something. A year ago she was supposed to go away for a weekend and I had agreed to drive her to an early flight. This is maybe a month before we ended things. Things had been tense and I told her I was upset that she couldn't drive herself when she knew it would mean I would have to be up early after a late night with her, be a basket case, then go to work on 3 hours sleep. Really it was just selfishness, and I've regretted it ever since. Should I tell her this? I want to say I'm sorry I didn't work harder for her.


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  • I think you could ask, see what she says but if you say all this and things go well and you see her and feel for her more what would that do to you? But if apologizing and wishing her a good travel (not sure how to word that) then thatd be fine. Chances are she will move and be looking for that person age can connect with and feel at home. That's just my thoughts tho


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  • Why not? Anyhow, you've been together and saying goodbye the last time will be your final closure. Go for it.

  • I don't see a problem with that. You should call her up and briefly explain to her over the phone what you want. There is a possible chance that she won't want to meet up with you and if that's the case, send her a text apologizing and leave it at that. Let her decide what she wants to do after that.


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