My ex broke up with me and moved in with the guy she cheated on me with... who has kids?

My ex cheated on me and told me she's moving in with a guy who has 2 kids.

Originally she lied to me and said she was going to live by herself and she could give everything to me in the apartment out.

She revealed to me she was moving in with this guy which pretty much told me, she has no use for the bed or the couch or other stuff.

She cheated on me with this guy, very dirty text messages... Sort of feel hurt by this :(

I wonder if she'll cheat on him?


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  • Now that your cheating cheetah is out of your life, she is now taking up housework with the guy she grooved with Then moved on from you with And His------Baggage, lock, stock and barrel. It's going to be very interesting to see how long this little Babes in Toy land cozy nest lasts before it finally goes south and she flies the coup and books and boogies Back out the door.
    Consider it a Blessing that you got her "Dirty message" in time, finding out what she was really made of, a zebra who will most likely Not be changing her stripes, but sugar 'n spice she ain't nothin' too nice.
    They have set up shop in their two birds of a feather and then some love haven. However, with kids that may end up being a problem child down a beaten path for someone who is Not Not used to them Nor all their snotty nose sniffles to go with them, this schmo from Idaho may even have a Miss Toughie "EX" on the sidelines, the babies' mama, who will be Their own toil and trouble, a War of the roses on a War path. It happens all the time.
    No matter how you slice this not so sweet saga fairytale, it is a train wreck just waiting to crash. Some nite while he is home watching the gang, she'll be out the door Joining in One of her own, finding a chance for a little romance down the road again. This will be her own Problem child pattern starting all over again around the mulberry bush.
    Eventually what she did to you, she will be pulling on this Mr. Mom by ending up screwing him Royally in his crown one day, gems and all.
    Sit back and enjoy the ride she is on. Believe me, this is Not a match made in heaven.
    Good luck. xx

    • Why do you say it is a train wreck and why it isn't a match made in heaven? For the reasons you mentioned?

    • The bottom line it takes a special person to be with Someone with someone else's kinds I call Baggage.. Please re read this, very simple, sweeetie.. He has kids, he may have an Ex on the side who is watching and seeing what is happening with him and her babies and it can be atrain wreck and nitemare.. my sister married a man with kids who came all the time to visit, with his Ex, who they had a bit of problems with and his own kids who were trouble, it is rough. She will get tired of It and book, maybe go out and cheat.. Very easy here to see that it is Not a match made in heaven, should this happen and she gets tired of Mr. Mom and his brew... I have helped answer a few questions on GAG for people themselves getting mixed with someone with kids and showed them it is Not easy especially if he or she has the kids Under the roof or not, it is a problem many times... They are his top priority and always a problem with something. xx

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  • Once a cheater always a cheater - I reckon she will... but what do you care?

    • Don't some cheat and then never cheat again? I don't get what went wrong... where I just throw up my hands and go, "Oh well, next thing"...

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  • Just be glad that this woman is well and truly out of your life.

    You should now be concentrating on your own future and not worrying or being concerned about others.

    • We had a really special thing. We told our landlord that she was moving out and she said: "You guys were so good together"... It's really true, we were... but I don't get where this came from... I know she wants kids and she wants to nuture...

  • Unless she's doing all that just to make u jealous, in which case u can call her bluff, I'd advice u to forget about her totally. Cheaters are not worth remembering.

    • Possible she'd cheat on him?

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    • But if I had done more, maybe this notion of cheating would never have happened... I don't think she looked for it

    • If she wanted more from you, she could have asked for it. And even then, if you ignored it, she could've broken up with you and then moved on. Lying and cheating is not the right thing to do. You are just being hard on yourself. Her sexting for months while lying right next to you is a bit too much..

  • Why do you care what she will going to do in her new relationship? You shouldn't think about if she would cheat on him or not. Try to get over it.

    • Because I love her. I understand this is what she wants, but still... Everyone says, "just forget it" and "move on".

    • Everyone says that and that's what you should do. I understant you may have feelings for her but you cannot keep thinking about her, that would depress you even more.

    • I agree, but I'd like to know if I screwed up or if this is her or what :(

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