Guys why would you do this after splitting up?

So me & my guy friend were seeing each other for the last year. Things started getting messy and we were arguing every week. He would always come back saying he misses me & told me it's because he's scared to get hurt again & that I'm the first girl in a real long time he genuinely likes. Anyways last weekend we saw each other his best friend went behind his back to invite me to a party thinking he was doing the right thing.

Anyways we ended hooking up, both our faults. When it came down to why it happened on his side he said he didn't know why it did, in that second he wanted me & he doesn't know why. When I asked why he didn't just hook up with someone else his response was 'I don't know it's not like I even wanted to hook up with anyone.' He once told me he's a sucker for me.

Anyways we got in a very heated argument he ended up blocking me on everything. Only then telling me that we both should try & move on. After the argument he went to Twitter putting 'thank fuck for that.' I messaged him still angry... He then put another tweet with emojis referring to 'hooking and reeling me in.'

I told him goodbye & since then he's been putting tweets up to get at me, to make me feel like shit. As he knows I check his twitter, a habit in trying to break. He also rang me on a no caller id yesterday to see if I had blocked him. Why is he acting like this when he's the one saying we should try move on?


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  • The way I see it, the two of you just aren't compatible with each other. So it would be wise to just move on, like he mentioned. If he is behaving this immaturely (regarding Twitter and crap), you'd better ignore him.


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  • He hooked up with you because he could... that was all, but then you started getting clingy and "typical female", asking him questions and wanting answers, but all he wanted was to hook up and move on.
    Then when you wouldn't just be cool about it he put you in the psycho girl category and ended up blocking you to avoid the constant nagging, but you persisted (unsurprisingly). His jabs on Twitter are there because he knows you check it... you are being a psycho and it's annoying so he wants to poke the bear and punish you for being that way. If you hadn't have grilled him after sex, or stalked his actions online, it wouldn't have been turned into a massive issue and your friendship would have survived and there would be no need for the nonsense.


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  • Some guys deal with break ups in different ways. He could possibly be angry with the fact that you didn't chase him or he's just crazy. You can't really explain these situations. It's him and his fault not yours. In five years if you asked him why he acted like this he couldn't even explain it. Like I said people deal with breakups differently could 'be his grievance if he really did truly care about you.

    I would just unfollow on everything and delete his number or delete his text messages and phone calls and then change his name in your phone to something else so you don't have the urge to text him or something.

    Hope this is a little helpful. :) good luck love :)


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