Why I can't have long reliationship? Am I wrong?

Firsh i have to say, my English not good.
I dont understand woman. i dont understand what they want.
They always changing their opinions very fast.
Im loyal , i love to texting. I love to talk about everything. I love to sending pics. I love to share my emotions. But they always changing their opinions.
And i never change...
I like to sexting too...
But whats wrong?


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  • "I dont understand woman. i dont understand what they want."

    That's your first problem: you actually care what "women" want. You don't know "women." You need to know YOUR woman, but that's it. Also, you need to figure out what you want first, then look for a girl who matches your simple requirements.

    " I love to share my emotions."

    I hope you do that after know her for a long time.


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