Guys, why would you still stay friends with an ex?

My ex and I broke up a week ago and he said he still wants to be friends because we were friends for 2 years and dated for 6 months. He said "I rather have you in my life then not at all"

We text now and then only if he texts me. He still has some of my stuff that he promises to give back but is taking forever to give back. I told him whenever he wants I dont care (I can buy new stuff). Im cool with being friends because I do love and care about him as a person.

He texted me yesterday and we talked all day. I told him I almosted called him baby. (Thats what I normally call him)
He said "Its ok, I understand"

After a while I saw part of the relationship creep in. I was telling him about a car Im looking at.
He said really, are you kidding me?
I said no, I changed my mind
He said I know, but the way you go about it irritates me
I was tooken back. I said why?
He said Because I been telling you for weeks to go look at that car and now all of a sudden you wanna buy it and make it seem like its your idea.
I said. I dont do it on purpose, I just dont think about it.


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  • Yes. I have been in relationships where we broke up and stayed friends. Just because the relationship part of our lives did not work does not mean they could not still be the wonderful person I like as a friend.


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  • in a scenario, where you ended it and i still had feelings: No because it´d hurt too much.
    it would be viable if both kind of don`t love each other anymore.


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