Did you need time off after a relationship ended?

I was in a summer long relationship that we jumped into fast. He was so wrong for me. I dumped him and I was sad (not to lose him but because I saw his true colors and they were not pretty and I realized the guy I thought was a great man was a fake and that hurt)

And I thought I need to be single for a while. But about a month later I decided to go to an event and I met this guy and though I want to spend longer than just a few dates getting to know him before a commitment, I feel ready to be in a relationship again. If I got to know him better over the next few months I would be fine committing to him.

Is this normal?


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  • There's no set in stone rules and it's not as though you were in a long term relationship with the guy beforehand.

    I think when a guy or girl is getting out of a long term relationship that's when it's a good idea to be single for a good while.


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  • It depends on so many factors. Who is involved, what kind of person you're dating, how the break up went, why the relationship ended, how serious of a relationship it was, what kind of people you meet after the break up...

    It took me 10 days to move on from one boyfriend to be crushing on my current boyfriend. It would take me significantly longer to get over my current boyfriend if we ever broke up. I'm talking years. So it all depends.


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  • Yes it's totally normal.

    After my ex left me it took me a year and 2 months before I dated anyone. I saw 1 person as a one night stand, but even that was a bit much.
    It's totally normal to hide away a bit. But don't hide too much otherwise you will become a bit of a recluse.


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